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An Emale
Hopefully We Will
See More Of Him This Year
We look forward to another
year of that "Fab" butt
Now Bend Over And Let Us Smack It
He's got an awesome bubble butt and I love the shade of red.

Nice Butt. Deserves a vote! - Glenn
yes... Yes... YES!!! - Alysia
I think he deserves extra points for not only showing his butt, but showing his spanked butt. Definately the best butt on the site
- NoVa Don Guy

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I LOVE that jock strap shot! -Ron & Gary
1. What's better than a great butt? A great butt getting smacked!
2. I've seen the other end and eyes of the year are a distinct possibility too.

I think riverboy is clearly this years best butt - Poisonsf
Love the photos- particularly
the red butt ones. - Ddyspnks

This is my vote for riverboy.
VERY HOT!!!!! - Cowboy