Some Guys Collect Stamps...Some Guys Collect Rocks
Some Guys Even Collect Cum
Some Collect it In Their Mouths...On Their Stomachs
Or Even In A Tube
Where do You Collect Your Cum?
I started to J/O in the bath tub at age I couldn't keep it.

By age 12, while building models in the basement, I'd see the Theater section ads for the Bijou Theater (Chicago, c. 1965) and wank off.
If it didn't shoot on to the ceiling, I could "put a cap on it" to not make a mess of our ceiling, and then collect it...
Other ways I would collect my cum:
A BIG 2-lbs JAM JAR...SMUCKERS, usually...several per summer
Even as a kid I'd wank out about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per load....2 to 5 times a day...I measured it to find out
Now I keep the wiped up cum on paper towels in a 15" x 15" black RadioShack plastic bag and throw them out every couple of weeks when the bag gets full.
Ok,so where do the other guys keep their's if they do?
One night at a Club in SF...while I was wearing my Black Leather Jacket ...
JEFF STRYKER shot half of his load  on my jacket, and half shot all over my chest, which is where he was actually aiming for...Talk about a perfect cum collection!
Take thee care,
I'm a cum junkie myself, i love man seed, love the smell of it so much that when I'm about to suck some guy off first thing I always do is get my nose down against his nuts and take a whiff, bury my nose deep against those full cum tanks and inhale, I love how ya can smell that precious seed thru the skin, most of the time I collect it in my mouth, my own or from the cum tanks of some hot guy , but when not in my mouth I collect it in briefs, most mornings before work I'll jack a load in my briefs then leave it there then get dressed, I love the feelin of my wet seed puddled in my briefs coating my nuts while I'm at work especially in the summer, it gets hot in the factory and the sweat from my nuts keeps my seed damp then at breaks I'll go take a piss and when I open up my jeans and briefs I can smell the scent rise up and I know the guys standin at the urinals next to me can smell it too, thats hot, sometimes I'll take a pair of briefs and shoot loads off in them and put them in a zip lock bag then after 3 days put that bag inside another zip lock bag so no scent escapes and mail them off to some buds of mine, got one bud that when he gets them he will sniff them and jack off to them then he will put them on and get dressed for work and wear them all day long, then to the gym after work, he says after a few workouts his body heat and sweat stirs up my seed smell especially when he does the bench press layin back with his legs spread in his loose workout shorts the smell of cum fills the air around him.
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